Strandet Hovedgaard


Strandet Manor is a protected property, dated back to the 1400 century. The main building is completely restored in respect towards the age of the house and decorated with both nostalgia and functionality. Here is plenty of space, both to the large family and to breathe. The Manor is situated only a short walk from the fiord and from the cobbled court yard, there is a view to the fiord. The place is ideal to nature lovers, and here you can enjoy the peace and quiet by the water and at the same time experience a varied wildlife in the nearby Forrest, which invite to family strolls. With it’s appliance, the Manor is ideal to several families, family gatherings etc. If you wish to through a party, we are happy to connect you to catering companies etc. Strandet Manor is a completely unique place you need to see for yourself.

Strandet Hovedgaard - Strandetvej 47- 49 - 7840 Højslev
Kontakt:               Telefon: Kl. 10.00 - 16.00; +49 172 319 09 15 (besvares på engelsk) - Kl. 16.00 - 20.00; +45 22 86 03 31